Unveiling “Histórias à Sombra do Montado”

“We believe that cork can change the world – starting with the moment that cork enters someone’s life, inspiring them to create, invent, innovate. Cork Changed Me is a project that aims to compile a set of stories about artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, inventors or people in general for whom cork has had a positive impact on their daily lives, or in their art or businesses. People who have used cork to create a brand, product or innovative solution, and others who have adopted cork in their homes and daily lives. The third episode offers an ode to the Cork Oak Forest (“montado”) and to Portuguese forests in general. Hugo Tornelo and Rita Gonzalez present their «Histórias à Sombra do Montado» (Stories in the Shade of the Cork Oak Forest), a cultural and literary design project developed 100% in Portuguese, which traces a perfect dichotomy between the city and the countryside. This comic book project is inspired by the landscape of the Alentejo’s Montado cork oak forest, benefiting from the masterful skills of Portuguese designers and writers, in which we discover love stories, intrigues and disappointments. This episode also introduces us to the new life experiences of the two designers in 2023, as they exchange the hectic life of Lisbon for a 20-hectare area of cork oak forest in Cercal, in the coastal part of the Alentejo region. Watch the third episode of #corkchangedme and discover how an incredible natural material has had such an impact on Rita and Hugo’s life project.” […]

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