Slide At Terracrua Design, we understand that roads and tracks play a crucial role in providing cohesion and effectively subdividing the property. Our smart network of roads and pedestrian tracks is strategically designed not only for efficient access but also to serve as a water catchment tool. By directing surface runoff towards dams and ponds, we prevent erosion and soil loss, while maximizing the potential for water harvesting and storage. ACCESS Slide Terracrua Design's water management strategy follows the principles of "slow, spread, and sink" (S.S.S.), which are designed to promote the infiltration of rainwater into the landscape. Our water network includes strategically placed dams, ponds, swales, and forests, which work together to slow down the movement of water, spread it across the landscape, and allow it to sink into the soil. This system not only helps to maximize the success of productive and forestry plantations, but it also promotes the regeneration of local ecosystems and enhances the resilience of the landscape. Water in the landscape