The Terracrua Design team recently embarked on an inspiring journey to Angola, exploring vast lands and collaborating on ambitious projects. The team’s itinerary was meticulously planned, with strategic stops at different farms and explorations, each representing a unique opportunity to assess the feasibility of our structural frameworks; covering over 4,000 km of roads and trails, immersed in the diverse landscapes that make up Angola’s rich geographical tapestry.

Visit to Fazenda Sofia: Awakening Possibilities on 800 Hectares of Coffee

Commencing the journey along the Kwanza River, absorbing the serene majesty of the landscapes, each curve witnessed our quest for regenerative solutions. The first stop was in Gabela, at the stunning Fazenda Sofia, spanning 800 hectares that will be dedicated to coffee cultivation. Our mission was to assess the feasibility of our water and access framework, examining how we could optimize these elements for promoting permanence, abundance and regeneration. Close interaction with the farm’s managers provided deep insights into specific challenges and the identification of customized solutions. In this mountainous setting, the Terracrua Design team delved into a detailed analysis of frameworks, facing unique altitudes and challenges.

Exploring Fazenda Cristalina: 35,000 Hectares of Challenges and Opportunities

The Terracrua Design team continued its journey with a visit to the expansive Fazenda Cristalina, spanning 35,000 hectares, already in operations of maize, mandioca and cattle. Here, our focus was on assessing the feasibility of the water and access framework on an even more challenging scale. Intensive collaboration with the farm’s management provided valuable insights, highlighting the need for specific adaptations to address the unique challenges of this vast land.

Mining and Riverbank Renaturalization: A Regenerative Perspective

The journey through the rivers and territories of Lundas was an immersion in local traditions and cultures, simultaneously investigating solutions for riverbank regeneration. Each river told its own story, a narrative intertwined with our quest for regenerative practices. The Terracrua Design team aligned its steps with a unique approach during the visit to mining explorations, an integral part of the riverbank renaturalization project after mining. Exploring synergies between mining and environmental regeneration is a complex challenge but essential for restoring vital ecosystems. The journey provided valuable insights into how our frameworks can contribute to this multifaceted effort. And we found time to coordinate for 3 days, the renaturalization of a small section of the riverside, for a practical example of how to continue intervening.

Coordinating Work at Fazenda Girassol: Executing the 9,000-Hectare Project

Our journey through the tropical north of Zaire led us to discover hidden treasures in the natural diversity of this region. Each stop was an opportunity to learn and adapt our frameworks, considering the unique specifics of each locality. The last but certainly not least stop was at Fazenda Girassol, where we coordinated work on the execution of the framework project on 9,000 hectares. Collaborating closely with the local team, we adjusted our plan to ensure efficient and effective implementation aligned with the sustainable and regenerative objectives of Terracrua Design. We had the opportunity to coordinate the finishings of the first dam being built according to our masterplan developed in 2022.

Time for sighseeing:

Each destination offered a unique retreat, allowing us to unwind amidst the coastal allure of Cabo Ledo, embrace the serene beauty along the banks of Barra do Kwanza, and immerse ourselves in the untouched natural wonders of the Kissama Natural Reserve. These interludes provided not only a chance to relax but also an opportunity to connect with the diverse landscapes, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural treasures Angola has to offer.

Reflections and Future Projections

The Terracrua Design team concluded this remarkable journey with an incursion to Kissama. This unique experience provided crucial insights for the application of our frameworks in extreme tropical environments.The journey of the Terracrua Design team to Angola not only consolidated valuable partnerships but also triggered a series of reflections and learnings. We are committed to applying the gathered experiences to enhance our frameworks and contribute significantly to the global regeneration of lands.

Looking towards the future, we are eager to see the fruits of this collaboration blossom, aligning more and more with the fundamental principles of Terracrua Design: regeneration, ecological balance, and a shared vision of a more resilient world. This journey wasn’t just a physical exploration but a spiritual quest for solutions in a challenging global context. As we reflect on this journey, we are more determined than ever to contribute to the regeneration of lands in Angola and beyond.