Today’s technical visit by Terracrua Design to a 42-hectare property near Azinheira dos Barros was fueled by a client’s dream to build a wellness center rooted in the vision of regenerative agriculture. The land, once a bustling cattle and sheep farm, holds a mix of agricultural and forestry areas. The previous owner added a touch of green with cork, holm oaks, and olive trees, although the land has been idle for some time.

The property’s existing structures are in ruins, but a well, a pond, and a river remain as symbols of natural sustenance. There’s also an ancient Dolmen on-site, hinting at a rich archaeological past. The serene isolation, picturesque views, and water sources are the land’s gifts, but the lack of main grid water and electricity pose challenges.

Our client envisions a boutique wellness retreat that embodies sustainability, self sufficiency and ecological regeneration. The goal is to start building next year and open to the public by summer 2025, even if partially. The plan is to showcase local cultural heritage and use permaculture and regeneration principles to enhance the land, setting a benchmark for similar future projects.

Nuno met with the client onsite, delving into Terracrua Design’s process and how it can shape this land into a wellness sanctuary. The walk around the property was filled with discussions on water retention, access, river regeneration, reforestation, and economic aspects. Eco-tourism, small-scale organic farming, and forest management also found a spot in the conversation as activities to be integrated into the project.

The survey conducted today will serve as a guide in understanding the land’s features and how to harmonize the client’s vision with the natural attributes of the land. Today’s engagement was a step towards turning a vision into a regenerative reality, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey between the clients and Terracrua Design.