At Terracrua Design, we are delighted to bring you the latest update on one of our most captivating projects. Ana Santos, pragmatic and brilliant mind, is in charge of the Qgis development of this project, directed by Nuno Santos. Both recently embarked on the first project visit, which served as an invaluable opportunity to gather essential information, understand the clients’ vision and needs, and set the stage for an extraordinary regenerative mainframe design.

Engaging in a Dialogue of Possibilities:
During the visit, Nuno and Ana engaged in a profound conversation with Jason, delving into the intricacies of their project. The discussion touched upon crucial elements such as access points, water management, permanent vegetation cover, productive zones, and the integration of gardens. By actively listening to the clients’ aspirations and needs, we gained a deep understanding of their vision and embraced the challenge of transforming their dreams into reality.

Analyzing the Potential: A Land of Promise:
As Nuno already explored the picturesque landscape, he guided Ana to the landscape, sharing what he already aknowledge on the previous visit. They carefully analyzed the unique features of the site, with each step, they envisioned how the land could be transformed into a regenerative and integrated space that harmonizes with the principles of agroecology and permaculture. This meticulous analysis laid the foundation for designing a space that not only fulfills the clients’ objectives but also embraces the land’s potential for ecological restoration and organic food production.

From Farm-to-Table: A Vision of Culinary Delights:
Viviene and Jason have an exciting vision to develop a farm-to-table bed and breakfast, where guests can indulge in memorable experiences. Central to their vision is a commitment to providing delicious meals made with fresh, organic produce cultivated on-site. This integration of regenerative agriculture and culinary excellence exemplifies their dedication to creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for visitors.

With the valuable insights gathered during the technical visit, our dedicated team members, Ana and Nuno, are now ready to embark on the next phase of this extraordinary project. Guided by the clients’ vision and needs, they are eagerly diving into the creative process of crafting the initial sketches and drafts for the mainframe structure, focusing on this next phase on water management, access points, and the development of the first zoning matrix.

Crafting the Mainframe Structure: Integrating Water, Access, and Zone 5

Ana and Nuno possess a deep understanding of the crucial role that water plays in any regenerative design. They recognize the significance of establishing a robust and integrated water management system that optimizes the natural flow of water throughout the landscape. By strategically positioning water features, such as swales, ponds, and water retention areas, they will ensure the efficient use and distribution of this precious resource while fostering biodiversity and ecological balance.

Equally essential is the creation of well-planned access matrix, allowing for smooth movement and navigation within the property. Ana and Nuno will carefully consider factors such as vehicular access, pedestrian pathways, and the integration of functional infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity and ease of movement throughout the mainframe design.

Zone 5, often referred to as the wild zone, holds immense ecological importance. It serves as a sanctuary for biodiversity, providing habitat for native flora and fauna while facilitating ecological processes. Ana and Nuno will thoughtfully design and integrate Zone 5 into the mainframe, incorporating elements that encourage biodiversity, habitat restoration, and the preservation of natural ecosystems.

The Journey Continues: Collaboration and Unveiling the Design

As Ana and Nuno embark on this pivotal phase, collaboration and ongoing dialogue with Viviene and Jason will remain at the forefront. By actively involving the clients in the design process, Terracrua Design ensures that their aspirations and values are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the mainframe structure.

Ana remarked that the soil on the land has unfortunately suffered from significant degradation. She also expressed a sense of optimism, recognizing the “tremendous potential for restoration through the implementation of a mainframe design that enhances passive hidration of the landscape. It is also of great importance the use of drought resistent well adapted species that are suited to thrive in these challenging conditions. By carefully selecting and incorporating these resilient plant species, the regenerative design can contribute to build up soil and promote biodiversity, creating a flourishing and harmonious ecosystem.”

Stay tuned for future updates as we unravel the captivating sketches and drafts that will shape this regenerative masterpiece. Witness the transformation of Viviene and Jason’s vision into a vibrant, regenerative reality that harmonizes with the land, nurtures biodiversity, and exemplifies the principles of agroecology and permaculture.

Project: Apra, Loulé 2023

Project director: Nuno M Santos

Project manager and designer: Ana Santos