Our team recently completed the design and delivery of a magnificent mainframe farm spanning over 400 hectares near Panoias. This project showcases our commitment to creating harmonious ecosystems that integrate water systems, access networks, permanent vegetation cover, zoning, and infrastructure.

Watersheds or rainwater catchment map
Aerial photo

Thorough Site Analysis: Understanding the Land
We began by conducting a meticulous site analysis of the Monte Novo do Ameixial property. This analysis helped us identify the site’s unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Armed with this knowledge, we developed a conceptual design that harmonized the client’s vision with our mainframe approach.

Zoning matrix map

Detailed Design Development: Integrating Key Elements
The conceptual design was refined into a detailed design that addressed the site’s specific needs and constraints. We strategically incorporated essential design elements, such as water systems, access networks, permanent vegetation cover, zoning, and infrastructure. Utilizing advanced GIS tools and techniques, we mapped the site and created detailed plans and specifications for each element. Our team seamlessly bridged the gap between the office and the land using GPS tablets, ensuring precision and accuracy throughout the design process.

Water in the Landscape, Access and Infrastructures map

To facilitate seamless implementation, Terracrua Design provides clients with a comprehensive set of final deliverables. These resources empower the client to bring the mainframe farm design to life on the ground:

Qgis Project File: A Comprehensive GIS Solution
The Qgis project file, compatible with QGIS, QField, and ArcGIS, is a valuable tool that enables the client to analyze and manage the site’s natural resources and the intricacies of the multilayered design itself. By providing data on soil types, topography, water resources, and vegetation cover, this file equips the client with the necessary information for effective decision-making and ongoing management.

Timeline of implementations spreadsheet

Implementations Timeline Document: Tracking Progress and Milestones
To ensure smooth progress and adherence to project timelines, we provide a comprehensive timeline document. This document outlines the project’s schedule and milestones, allowing the client to track progress, manage expectations, and ensure successful project completion.

The keyline plowing and plantations map

PDF Plots in A1 Format: Visualizing the Design Vision
We have compiled a series of detailed PDF plots, presented in A1 format, which beautifully depict the design elements of the mainframe farm. These plots illustrate the water system, access network, permanent vegetation cover, zoning, and infrastructure. By visualizing the design vision, the client gains a comprehensive understanding of the project’s layout and functionality, facilitating efficient implementation.

Estimations for implementations spreadsheet

Estimation and Budget Document: Planning for Success
Our estimation and budget document provides the client with a detailed breakdown of project costs, encompassing materials, labor, and equipment. This valuable resource allows the client to plan their implementation budget effectively, allocate resources, and make informed financial decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The integration of water systems, access networks, permanent vegetation cover, zoning, and infrastructure within this 400-hectare property has unlocked its full potential, fostering a harmonious relationship between livestock, land, and the environment. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our valued client for their trust and collaboration throughout this transformative journey. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we reiterate our dedication to creating regenerative systems that not only nurture the land but also leave a positive and lasting impact on the communities they serve.

This project team:

Project Director and Initial Drafts: Nuno M. Santos

Qgis designer: André Carvalho

Estimations and timeline: Nuno M. Santos