Today, we invite you to join Miguel Clemente, one of our visionary designers, along with Nuno Mamede Santos, as they embark on an extraordinary journey through a breathtaking 54-hectare property in the enchanting region of Brotas, Mora, Portugal. This awe-inspiring project aims to harmoniously integrate a private household, a captivating tourist zone, and a flourishing horse-based business, all while nurturing the health and vitality of both the animals and the captivating landscape.

“A charming property where our design can truly make a difference by adding a central structure to the land, addressing existing challenges, and harnessing the power of nature to accelerate the regeneration process.” said Miguel Clemente about the property.

Setting the Stage: Access and Water Retention: In any remarkable landscape design, creating accessible pathways and optimizing water management lay the foundation for success. Recognizing this fundamental principle, our dedicated team at Terracrua Design began the project by meticulously designing strategic access points and implementing innovative water retention strategies. These initial steps establish the groundwork for a resilient future for the property.

Field Observations: Revealing the Beauty of Possibility: Today, we embark on a captivating field observation journey, unveiling the hidden potential and confirming the viability of our proposed solutions. This pivotal phase allows us to assess the site’s unique characteristics and evaluate any constraints that may impact future development. By paying close attention to every detail, we ensure that our designs align seamlessly with the owner’s aspirations while preserving and regenerating the intrinsic beauty of the land.

Synchronizing Dreams and Nature’s Tapestry: At Terracrua Design, we understand the deep connection between property owners and their land. During our field visit, we immerse ourselves in the mesmerizing landscape, embracing its pre-existing wonders, rich biodiversity, and untapped ecological potential. By integrating the owner’s vision with the inherent wisdom of nature, we craft designs that transform dreams into living realities, where humans and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

Embrace the Journey Ahead: The project in Brotas, Mora is an invitation to embark on a remarkable journey of discovery and transformation. Together with the property owner, we will unlock the full potential of this magical landscape, harnessing its natural allure to create a sanctuary that rejuvenates the spirit and delights the senses. At Terracrua Design, we are honored to guide this awe-inspiring endeavor, collaborating closely with the property owner and all stakeholders to shape a regenerative masterpiece that surpasses expectations.

As we venture deeper into the design process, our focus intensifies on transforming vision into tangible reality. Every step we take brings us closer to the moment when our meticulous plans and thoughtful designs will shape the physical landscape. From considering the optimal placement of structures to incorporating regenerative practices and harmonizing with the existing ecosystem, we are committed to creating a place where dreams and nature seamlessly intertwine.

Project: S.G., Brotas, May2023

Project director: Nuno M Santos

Project manager and designer: Miguel Clemente