Today i had the opportunity to visit a fascinating property near Abela, where a group of promoters plan to develop a retreat center, based in a regenerative approach to restore the natural cycles of water, carbon, and soil life. For us as developers, the goal is always to create a regenerative master plan and framework that structures the farm and allows all desired activities to flourish.

The retreat center will be home to several families and offer activities such as yoga, meditation, and personal development workshops. The center will also include natural restoration and regenerative practices workshops.

The promoters bought the land three years ago, and it has incredible potential to work with the topography and create a keyline framework. Several locations were identified as ideal for water bodies, including dams and ponds, and the existing roads can be better positioned.

I had the pleasure of discussing several key topics with the team at “Mãe Terra.” We talked about important aspects like biomass, water availability, fires, roads, lakes, vegetation, zone5, pastures, fencings, technology and their plans to introduce horses to the property this year. During our discussion, we also talked about the importance of preventing fires and managing pastures. They shared their plans to introduce rotational grazing to improve the health of the soil and create a self sufficient and regenerative system.

Here are some photos of this outstanding property!

I wish the team at “Mãe Terra” all the best as they work towards their goals.

It’s inspiring to see people working towards regenerative solutions, and I’m excited to see how this project develops in the future.

By Nuno M Santos