Exciting updates from Terracrua Design’s regenerative plan for Quinta da Pesqueira, now on its third week!

This sketch showcases our initial ideas on how to set apart our approach by integrating access points and water management systems into the landscape, highlighting our commitment to structural regeneration.

Terracrua Design uses the adaptation of the Scale of Permanence in our designs as a framework to guide our decision-making process. The Scale of Permanence is a design tool that prioritizes the elements of a system according to their level of permanence, ranging from the most permanent to the least permanent. The scale includes factors such as climate, landform, water, access, vegetation, and wildlife.

In our approach, we adapt the Scale of Permanence to fit the specific context of each project, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of the site and the client’s goals. We begin by analyzing the most permanent factors of the site, such as climate, topography, and hydrology, and then move on to the less permanent elements, such as vegetation and human activities.

Stay tuned for more progress updates on this exciting project!