As part of two exciting new projects in Angola, Nuno & Lotte at Terracrua Design embarked on a three-week journey to explore the properties and surrounding areas, delve into the agricultural history and envision a regenerative future with each property owner and/or stakeholder.

One of our stops was at Fazenda Girassol, (photos above) an impressive operation that already employs hundreds of people daily in the banana and papaya sectors.

This sprawling 10,000-hectare farm is now being planned according to the principles of regenerative agriculture and Keyline design, which are integrated into our structural planning services. We are excited to share more updates soon on this magnificent project.

We also visited a smaller-scale project in Saurimo, (photo above) which we are unable to disclose at this time. However, we can already say that it is very special, particularly in terms of its socio-economic integration in the region, despite its size of around 100 hectares.

Traversing many kilometers on both paved and unpaved roads, we even found time to visit another farm interested in our regenerative structural planning (photos below) , and held meetings with various technicians to identify the needs of this 20,000-hectare farm.

In passing, we also had the opportunity to visit some of the iconic locations in northern Angola.

Overall, this experience was truly enriching and confirmed what we have been proposing: the structural framework we have developed for farms in Portugal is truly scalable to the dimensions of Angolan farms.

We extend a special thanks to our partners at African Drone Solutions, who challenged us to embark on this joint adventure. Together, we are working towards a brighter, regenerative future for agriculture in Angola.