We are thrilled to share with you the final version of the Monte do Seixo project!

This 450-hectare estate, located near Castro Verde, is dedicated to the breeding of sheep, goats, and cows, and hopefully will incorporate our P.E.A.R. mainframe structure to ensure that the livestock farming continues to thrive in a regenerative and integrated way with the surrounding environment.

Our keyline, permaculture, and holistic livestock management strategies have been planned throughout the property, ensuring that the land will be nurtured and restored, rather than depleted. The layers included in the project, such as Water in the Landscape, Access, Permanent Vegetation, and Zoning, have been thoughtfully designed to maximize the ecological and economic benefits of the land.

We are particularly proud that the Monte do Seixo project is part of the larger “Regenerative Pastures” initiative, which aims to promote climate adaptation, environmental regeneration, and regeneration in extensive agricultural and livestock management.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the team at Regenerative Pastures, as well as to the owners of Monte do Seixo, Jacinto Guerreiro, and his family, for their support and collaboration on this groundbreaking project.

Join us in celebrating the success of the Monte do Seixo project, and stay tuned for more updates on our regenerative design work.

This project team:

Project Director and Initial Drafts: Nuno M. Santos

Qgis designer: André Carvalho

Estimations and timeline: Nuno M. Santos