At Terracrua Design, dedication is not just a word – it’s a way of life. Our colleague André Carvalho is a prime example of this, as he recently braved the rainy weather to plant beautiful water lilies and other aquatic plants in the ponds at Cucumbi.

By restoring nature’s balance, we’re not only creating a stunning visual display but also promoting biodiversity and sustainability.

At Terracrua Design, we believe that every action we take has a direct impact on the environment, and we strive to make each one count.

And why planting the margins of the ponds?

Restoring the margins of recent build ponds can have several benefits, both for the environment and for the humans that interact with it. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Improving water quality: The restoration of the pond margins can reduce erosion and nutrient runoff from surrounding areas, which can help to improve water quality. This is important for aquatic life and for humans that may use the water for recreational purposes.
  2. Enhancing biodiversity: Restoring the margins of ponds can create habitats for a variety of plant and animal species, including aquatic plants, insects, amphibians, and birds. This can help to enhance biodiversity in the local ecosystem.
  3. Aesthetic appeal: A well-restored pond can be a beautiful addition to any landscape, providing a tranquil and calming environment for people to enjoy.
  4. Flood control: Restoring the margins of ponds can also help to reduce the risk of flooding in nearby areas by increasing the pond’s capacity to hold and release water.

Join us on this journey towards a more responsible and regenerative future. Let’s work together to create a world where humans and nature can thrive in harmony.