Terracrua Design is proud to announce the successful implementation of the keyline technique in the first pilot of our erosion control project.

This exciting project has been preceded by several capacity-building actions in Ourique, Castro Verde, and Mértola, and we’re thrilled to see the results of our hard work coming to fruition.

The pilot project is located in the Monte do Seixo region and covers approximately 35 hectares of permanent pastures.

With the support of our dedicated project team and the expertise of Terracrua Design, we’ve marked the first keyline contour with a slope of 1.5%. The installation was conducted in the presence of neighboring farmers who wanted to witness the keyline technique firsthand.

We’ll be comparing the productivity, soil quality, potential water retention, and biodiversity (including soil microbiology, entomology, and floral diversity) of this parcel with a control parcel, in partnership with CIBIO InBIO and 2Adapt.

At Terracrua Design, we believe that regeneration should be at the forefront of every design project.

By utilizing innovative techniques such as keyline contouring, we’re able to create regenerative designs that have positive impact on the environment.

Join us on this journey towards a more regenerative future.