Stoneworks are essential in designing roads and waterways. They serve the critical purpose of slowing down the water flow and redirecting it from the road drains to designated areas such as ponds or fruit terraces. By doing so, these elements prevent soil erosion, increase water infiltration, and ultimately promote a more sustainable and resilient landscape.

In Cucumbi, some zunibowls are being implemented, in the water and access framework.

What are zunibowls?

Zuni Bowls are a type of landscape feature that can be integrated into a Keyline Design framework to help manage water resources on a property. These bowls are essentially shallow, saucer-like depressions in the landscape that are designed to capture and hold water during periods of heavy rainfall or snowmelt.

When properly placed and designed, Zuni Bowls can serve several functions within a Keyline Design system. First and foremost, they help to recharge the soil and groundwater reserves on the property by storing excess water and allowing it to slowly percolate back into the soil over time. This can help to reduce the risk of erosion and flooding, as well as support the growth of vegetation and other natural systems.

In addition to their water management functions, Zuni Bowls can also be used as key elements in a larger design strategy aimed at increasing biodiversity and ecological health on the property. By creating a series of interconnected bowls, for example, it is possible to create a mosaic of different microhabitats and niches, each with its own unique set of environmental conditions and associated plant and animal species.