We are absolutely delighted to share the news of the successful delivery of the Terramay farm project, revisited and redesigned by our exceptional team at Terracrua Design.

It was an honor to work alongside the family De Brito and Thomas Sterchi to bring a fresh and innovative approach to cattle management and water design.

The Terramay project was a comprehensive redesign and update of the original 2020 project. The Terracrua team was tasked with delivering a lighter, more focused approach to enhance the cattle management and water design aspects of the farm.

Image above: Topography map for analysis

The mainframe developed in GIS by the Terracrua team includes layers for water in landscape, access, permanent vegetation, infrastructures such as wells, tanks, water and energy irrigation, visit boxes, and other details. To ensure the smooth running of the farm, the team also included zoning, a keyline plantation plan for fruit production, and a cattle paddocking system.

Image above: Water in the landscape design layer

The team faced several challenges, one of which was designing a water management system that could efficiently handle the dry climate of the region while minimizing the use of resources. The Terracrua Design team developed a series of dams, ponds, swales, and micro earthworks to capture and retain water in the landscape, ensuring a steady supply of water for the farm’s needs while also promoting the growth of vegetation and preventing soil erosion.

Image above: Water + Access design layers

In addition to the water management system, the team designed a new cattle paddocking system that takes into account the natural behavior and grazing patterns of the animals. This system ensures that the cattle have access to fresh pasture while preventing overgrazing and soil compaction.

Image above: Water + Access + Zoning design layers

Another crucial aspect of the project was the keyline plantation plan for fruit production. The team identified and mapped the optimal locations for planting fruit trees based on factors such as soil type, topography, and water availability. By strategically planting fruit trees in these areas, the farm can produce a valuable crop while improving the overall health and diversity of the landscape.

Image above: Water + Access + Zoning + Infrastructures design layers

At Terracrua Design, we take immense pride in our work and cannot wait to see these elements implemented on the farm.

We extend our best wishes to the Terramay project and its staff, and we are excited to see the positive impact this new design will have on the farm and its surroundings.

Image above: extract from the infographic panel

To learn more about this exceptional project, be sure to check out Terramay’s website.

We are honored to have worked with such a passionate and dedicated team and look forward to future collaborations!

This project team:

Project Director and Initial Drafts: Nuno M. Santos

Qgis designer: André Carvalho

Estimations and timeline: Nuno M. Santos