Ferraria de São João – an inspiring example of a resilient community!

In 2017, the wildfires that devastated the region left the community of Ferraria de São João determined to take preventive measures to increase their safety against future fires. They knew they needed to act fast and work together to protect their homes and way of life.

So, in an assembly, the community decided to replace the eucalyptus trees around their homes with more resistant and/or fire-retardant trees, a smart and sustainable choice that demonstrates the community’s commitment to preserving their environment.

In 2020, Terracrua Design had the honor of working with the community of Ferraria de São João to create a structuring “master plan” that met the needs and aspirations of the population. After many months of in-person and online meetings, the project finally materialized, and action began!

Terracrua Design’s project helped to envision and materialize a village with life and a future.

Based on Terracrua Design´s principles, the structuring plan emphasized the importance of community participation and resilience. The proposal involved creating green spaces, promoting local agriculture, and strengthening the sense of community through activities and community spaces.

We are extremely proud to have worked with the community of Ferraria de São João and to have contributed to the creation of a resilient and regenerative community.

Together, we are building a better future for future generations.

This project team:

Project Director: Nuno M. Santos

Designers: André Carvalho, Ana Santos, André Vizinho

Estimations and timeline: Nuno M. Santos