Terracrua Design recently hosted a hands-on workshop on regenerative action at Vale do Junco, with a focus on restoring a recently built saddle pond. The workshop aimed to bring together individuals interested in learning about regenerative practices and contributing to the restoration of degraded land.

The project involved restoring a saddle pond located between two hills to collect rainwater runoff, which is then integrated with deep swales that spread the water across the landscape. The workshop attendees were able to get their hands dirty and work alongside the Terracrua Design team to restore this important water feature.

The restoration process involved implementing various techniques, including earthworks and planting, to help the pond function more efficiently and restore the surrounding ecosystem. The team also worked to restore the margins of the pond, further enhancing its overall effectiveness in capturing and storing rainwater.

The workshop was a great success, with participants not only gaining hands-on experience in regenerative land management but also contributing to the restoration of the landscape. Terracrua Design continues to be a leader in promoting and implementing regenerative practices in land management, and this workshop is just one example of their commitment to creating a more sustainable future.