The Montado system, a unique agroforestry ecosystem found in the Iberian Peninsula, has been facing serious degradation in recent years due to various factors such as climate change, overgrazing, and unsustainable land management practices. In response to this crisis, Terracrua Design has been working to implement regenerative practices in the Montado system, with keyline design being a crucial aspect of the restoration process.

Keyline design is a water management strategy that utilizes the natural contours of the land to slow down and retain water, creating a more resilient and productive landscape. By mapping the key points of the land and marking out strategic swales (contour trenches) and ponds, we can create a water catchment system that nourishes the landscape and supports the growth of new vegetation.

In the Montado system, keyline design is particularly important for reforestation efforts. By creating swales in strategic locations, we can capture and retain water during the rainy season, providing much-needed moisture for newly planted trees and helping to prevent erosion. As the trees grow, they provide shade and shelter for understory plants and animals, creating a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

At Terracrua Design, we believe that keyline design is a crucial element in the restoration of the Montado system. By using the natural shape of the land to our advantage, we can bring life back to this important agroforestry ecosystem and create a more resilient and sustainable landscape for future generations.