Looking for inspiration to take regenerative action for the next decade?

Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important videos and concepts related to Terracrua Design principles and vision.

1 – Discover the wonders of Gaia, our living planet, and explore the depths of deep ecology with this thought-provoking video:

2 – Witness the surprising connection between the Amazon and Sahara deserts, where dust from one fertilizes a forest thousands of kilometers away:

3 – Explore the intricate nutrient cycles between the sea and forest, as bears, salmon, and trees thrive in harmony:

4 – See how wolves can change rivers, and learn about the ecological impact of these majestic animals in Yellowstone and beyond:

5 – Discover the life and legacy of Aldo Leopold, the father of modern ecology:

6 – Find inspiration in “The Man Who Planted Trees,” a timeless classic that continues to inspire regeneration movements worldwide:

7 – Learn from the lessons of the Loess Plateau, where humans transformed a landscape and created oases of life:

8 – Watch as renowned permaculture designer Geoff Lawton explains the principles and benefits of swales:

9 – Be amazed by the Paani Foundation’s spectacular initiative in India, which mobilized thousands of people to increase the available water in the landscape through simple techniques:

10 – Witness the surprising results of Tucson Swales, where hundreds of workers gathered to create a long-term strategy for desert regeneration:

11 – Understand that soil is a living organism and learn how to care for it with this enlightening video:

12 – Finally, get inspired by Joel Salatin, the world-renowned farmer who uses intelligent and ecological methods to create limitless abundance on his farm:

Join the movement for regenerative action today!