On November 29th, all roads lead to Rio de Mel ­čśë!

Visit the new website of the Rio de Mel Project, spread the word, and come help us plant one of the many trees we’re putting in the ground on that day!

At Terracrua Design, we believe in creating regenerative landscapes that provide a multitude of benefits to the environment and the local community.

The Rio de Mel Project is an exciting initiative that aligns with our values and vision, and we are proud to support it. Join us on November 29th and be a part of this meaningful effort to improve the landscape and create a more sustainable future for all!


On this day, we will plant thousands of native trees in a village in the Serra da Estrela, Rio de Mel, which lost most of its forests in the great fire of 2017.

November 29, 2019 – Rio de Mel, Oliveira do Hospital

Our project received support from the Fundo Recome├žar of the Santa Casa da Miseric├│rdia de Lisboa, which helped us work the land, acquire plants, and other necessary resources not only for the installation of the forest, but above all, to maintain and manage it in the best possible way for years to come!

Join us at this event, which is the first of many, where reforestation is the first step towards revitalizing this Village of Dreams!

On November 29, 2019, we will plant native forest with the aim of restoring a 6-hectare area burned two years ago in one of the most emblematic villages in the Serra da Estrela, with the help of all those who want to have an active role in the landscape!

With the support received from the Fundo Recome├žar of the Santa Casa da Miseric├│rdia de Lisbon, we thus started the project and materialized a dream that has been desired by the population, a Rio de Mel that returns to what it was, a village surrounded by magnificent forests and generous springs that flowed with water all year round, and where fish were caught just over 50 years ago.

Thus, with this forest action, we intend to start a project that aims to restore ecology, economy, and community!

This is the first chapter of an integral project of over 700 hectares, which aims to intervene throughout the upstream hydrographic basin of the village of Rio de Mel and promote regenerative practices in the way we think, make, and maintain forests.

The Rio de Mel Project is supported by the Santa Casa da Miseric├│rdia de Lisbon, the Municipality of Oliveira do Hospital, the Caule Forest Association, Sonae Arauco, and Terracrua Design.

On November 29, join us and let’s reforest Rio de Mel!

Registration for volunteers:

Email: info.riodemel@gmail.com

Available material:

Video about the integral project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYn-plXV0u8&t=93s

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/riodemelflorestal

For more information contact:

Igor Costa (Event & Media Promoter) Email: info.riodemel@gmail.com Phone: 925604717

About reforestation planning:

With a view to restoring not only what we see, but also soil life and the cycles of water and carbon, this project was developed by Terracrua Design so that the impact of this plantation is regenerative in terms of increasing soil life and fertility, and landscape hydration. The species chosen are particularly suitable for medium/long-term production, so that there is a mixed and concrete local economy, as well as species of trees and shrubs that fulfill functions of shelter and food for biodiversity and support for productive species. In order to avoid erosion, the terrain was prepared respecting the shape of the mountain and the rain dynamics, and a low maintenance system was planned, with controlled grazing by cattle.

With this project, we aim to work on ecological restoration, as well as social involvement and the creation of local economy, because the times demand it…

Nuno Mamede Santos (Project) Email: info@terracruadesign.pt Phone: 910748670