We were delighted to deliver the Endiabrada project to its promoters. This is a family project based on self-sufficiency: at the food, agro-economic and, as much as possible, at the energy resources level.

The owners, who had the opportunity in the past to manage a farm in Northern Europe, wanted to include a more regenerative component in this project, adapted to local characteristics, both in terms of landscape and forest management, as well as in the agricultural production to be developed.

Among the elements to be planned are agricultural spaces with orchards and vegetable gardens, forest areas, roads, water retention points/ponds for slow infiltration, composting, beekeeping, and livestock management following holistic management principles.

In this area, where most of the slopes are very steep, with vegetation dominated by cork and holm oak forests, with heather, broom, etc., there is a need for correct management of shrub biomass. This entails risks from the point of view of fires and requires adequate management.

The two main regenerative management strategies for these locations are adapting biomass control to the slopes, which are difficult to access and aimed at reducing the risk of fire while favoring the existing forests and their understory vegetation (Regeneration/Assisted natural succession):

A. Management of sub-shrub biomass with potential fuel through wild herbivorous livestock: goats (or small cervids, subject to specific authorizations).

B. Actions and measures to promote the cork oak forest, among others: Minimization of interventions on the arboreal layer, promotion of species with lower combustibility in the shrub layer (strawberry tree, kermes oak, lavender, heather, gorse, unlike broom); maintenance of strips of spontaneous vegetation (at contour lines for erosion control); creation of access and firebreaks as a means to assist in prevention and firefighting; creation of water points.

We propose a small 3D modeling video of the design, along with a summary of our proposals for this terrain.

Join us in this inspiring project, where landscape management and regenerative agriculture come together in perfect harmony.

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