During our sessions, we provide an idea of how to prepare land for climate change adaptation and desertification through keyline design, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and more.

Who is it for and what is it for?

This initiative is aimed at producers, landowners, hunters, agricultural and forestry service providers, associations, and makers of the territory, without excluding the general public. It has particular relevance in the context of agricultural, forestry, livestock, and hunting reserves, as well as degraded riverine ecosystems and wetlands.

What are the goals?

The approach and guiding principle of this initiative are based primarily on a structural landscape hydration “matrix” and a set of principles and strategies (Regenerative Ecology, Permaculture Design) that aim to suggest, demonstrate feasibility, and present strategies and techniques for:

● Valuing, utilizing, and efficiently managing natural resources, goods, and services, with the permanent proposal of considering resources (water), solar, wind, soil, and even topographic aspect, etc., as valuable sources of energy;

● Mitigating the negative impacts of exploration (and other activities based on the territory and natural resources) when they are inevitable;

● Optimizing the practices of agrosilvopastoral production and management, or individually, agricultural, livestock, forestry, and hunting, with a focus on the development, by the makers, of production standards and techniques that simultaneously create financial abundance and consequent social dynamism, as well as maintain and promote the biodiversity of the ecosystems in question;

● Prevention of energy, financial, and temporal waste and pollution;

● Maintenance and promotion of the balance of the surrounding ecosystem;

● Resilience against wildfires;

● Improvement of the quality and landscape heritage, with this aspect being more relevant to the tourist and public spaces context.

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