It was an intense and rewarding day. We received 5 projects affected by the fire and provided advice on how to intervene. This is just the beginning! From now on, we will be at the Cooperativa Agricola de Monchique every month, supporting and advising those interested in this new approach, the fusion of emergency interventions and structural planning. We extend our sincere thanks to Ajuda Monchique, A nossa Agricultura – Confagri Américo Telo Telo, Shanti Fernandes, John Roy Dommett, Francisco Do Carmo, and Patri San for organizing the event, and to all the participants!

At Terracrua Design, we understand the importance of taking a regenerative approach to land use and restoration, particularly in the aftermath of devastating wildfires. We are committed to providing practical and innovative solutions that go beyond emergency response and address the long-term health and resilience of ecosystems.

Through our collaboration with the Cooperativa Agricola de Monchique, we hope to empower and inspire individuals and communities to adopt a regenerative mindset and implement sustainable land use practices. Our team of experts will be on hand to provide guidance and support, drawing on our extensive knowledge of keyline design, water management, and ecological restoration.

We look forward to continuing this important work and making a positive impact on the landscape and communities of Monchique and beyond. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more regenerative future.