Exploring the Potential for Reforestation: A Technical Visit to a Fire-Affected Property in Viseu

Terracrua Design recently conducted a technical visit to a property in the Viseu region that was ravaged by wildfires last year. Our objective was to analyze the potential for reforestation and implement a water structural matrix that would facilitate mixed orchards, forest management, and sanctuary forest.

At Terracrua Design, we understand that reforestation is not just about planting trees. It involves creating the ideal conditions for growth and nurturing a sustainable ecosystem. That is why our team is committed to designing and implementing a comprehensive water structural matrix that will support the revival of the local ecosystem.

The matrix will incorporate sustainable design principles to ensure that the orchards and forests are self-sufficient and thrive in the long term. We believe that this project will not only help the affected property recover but also contribute to a larger goal of reforestation and sustainability.