We are thrilled to deliver the Vale do Junco project to its promoters. It has been a pleasure to develop this project with the full potential of this authentic watershed.

From forest management areas to mixed orchards, including zone 5 and riparian galleries, this project is based on the keyline design planning matrix.

It is structured with many hedges and areas of structural and permanent vegetation that bring balance and ecological stability to the productive areas.

As usual for Terracrua Design, this project is presented in a dossier with a descriptive memo, analysis and design maps and sections, an implementation timeline, and budgets and estimations for all investments in the coming years.

This planning proposal aims to provide guidance for the establishment and development of a self-sufficient and ecologically regenerative farm where the goal is to create, produce, and live sustainably and autonomously in terms of energy, food, and natural resource management.

Among the objectives is the implementation of regenerative systems for forest, fruit, and vegetable production, as well as apiculture and semi-wild mushroom cultivation, in a framework of landscape hydration.

The client intends to develop an regenerative project that rescues the property from its current state of environmental degradation and collapse, without neglecting economic viability.