We were thrilled to be a part of the Operação Montanha Verde, an ambitious initiative by Zoomarine to plant 5,000 trees in one day to mitigate the risks of desertification in the Algarve. The team was tasked with coordinating tree planting on a 5.3-hectare property owned by the Loulé Municipality, which was previously unused.

To ensure the trees’ healthy growth and relience, the team organized necessary land preparation that would promote hydration, mitigate erosion, and prevent nutrient loss. The team coordinated several groups, including students, technicians, and administrative representatives, in a joint effort for reforestation.

The operation was a success, and the team left the land with dirty hands but lighter souls, having contributed to a greener, more hydrated Portugal.

The topographic analysis of the property was fundamental to this project, providing precise mapping and the perception of water dynamics.

Stakes or flags were used to mark the contour lines for each landscape element, which were then used as a basis for designing infiltration swales.

The team considered various factors, including the distance between the lines, the depth of the swales, the density and compass of plantings, their organization, and possible associations.

In this case, the species included arbutus, cypress, stone pine, pyracantha, and cork oak.

Nearly 300 volunteers, including schools, teachers, administrative representatives, and actors, participated in this reforestation action.

The initiative was a “Together We Protect” project, and Terracrua Design contributed as a partner of the Municipality of Loulé, which was an official partner of the “Operação Montanha Verde” 2017. The event was covered by an RTP report, which highlighted the concept of ecological landscape planning and included an interview with Nuno Mamede Santos of Terracrua Design.

Join us in protecting the environment and contributing to a greener future. Together, we can make a difference!