The article is about the Corga da Pereira, a farm affected by the Pedrógão Grande fire in Portugal in 2017. The farm is a long-time friend of Terracrua Design, and the company has been trying to provide assistance in terms of emergency planning and structural interventions. The farm is in dire need of financial and material resources to implement a regenerative forest management system that is both ecological and structural.

The forest fires that ravaged Portugal in 2017 were some of the deadliest in the country’s history. The fires, which began in June, burned for several months and claimed the lives of over 100 people, destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses, and caused extensive damage to the environment.

The Corga da Pereira was one of the many farms affected by the fires, and they have been struggling to recover ever since. Terracrua Design, a company that specializes in ecological design and regenerative agriculture, has been working closely with the farm to help them implement a new forest management system that is both sustainable and ecologically sound.

One of the main problems with Portugal’s forest management system is that it is heavily reliant on monoculture plantations of non-native species such as eucalyptus and pine trees. These trees are highly flammable and can contribute to the spread of forest fires. The regenerative forest management system that the Corga da Pereira is implementing seeks to change this by planting a diverse range of native trees and shrubs, which are better adapted to the local climate and less prone to fire.

Implementing such a system, however, requires significant financial and material resources. The Corga da Pereira is in dire need of support to be able to put this system in place, and Terracrua Design is calling on the public to help. By following the Corga da Pereira blog, people can stay informed about the farm’s progress and contribute to their recovery efforts.

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