Following our pro bono work in the area affected by the massive wildfires that struck the Pedrogão Grande, Castanheira de Pêra, and Góis region in June 2017, we have developed a new project for a family farm located in the Mega Cimeira area.

Similar to our previous work, this property presents several challenges due to its steep terrain, and most of it was burned in the wildfires. The existing roads promote water erosion, and the property is surrounded by eucalyptus plantations.

At present, the owners are preparing to intervene, and they are only waiting for the guidelines that we are sharing with them.

Here is a set of files that provide an overview of what can and should be done, both in terms of post-fire interventions and in creating a permanent structure that mitigates erosion and prepares the land for new plantations.

Heres a link to the familia Green website: