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Welcome to Terracrua Designwhere we are passionate about helping farm owners create a productive and profitable regenerative agriculture farm or estate.


We understand the importance of balancing ecological sustainability with economic viability and strive to support our clients in achieving this goal.

Our team of skilled professionals provides specialized services in advising, planning, implementing, and managing regenerative agriculture farms and estates. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique vision and help them materialize it into a complete and ecologically sustainable plan.

Our services include developing detailed plans with technical drawings, maps, and tables that outline the sequence of actions required for the project’s implementation and management. We also provide guidance on the best techniques and methods to use for each work and zone to be developed, as well as the required investment for each project.

At Terracrua Design, we believe that our clients’ success is our success, and our main objective is to help our clients achieve their vision while ensuring a sensible and efficient management of resources, time, and money. Our approach enables farm owners to benefit from a long-term overview of the interventions to be carried out, with the possibility of gradually implementing them according to their availability.

Whether you are interested in extensive rotational cattle, organic agriculture, fruit growing, forest management, or nature tourism, We can help you develop a comprehensive and sustainable plan that will maximize your farm’s potential.

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Optimizing your land

At Terracrua Design, we understand the importance of optimizing your land and investments in both the short and long term.
Our approach involves a mainframe design that structures your land, maximizes productivity, and enhances biodiversity.

Our Terracrua Design Framework
includes the following components :

Terracrua Design’s water management strategy follows the principles of “slow, spread, and sink” (S.S.S.), which are designed to promote the infiltration of rainwater into the landscape. Our water network includes strategically placed dams, ponds, swales, and forests, which work together to slow down the movement of water, spread it across the landscape, and allow it to sink into the soil. This system not only helps to maximize the success of productive and forestry plantations, but it also promotes the regeneration of local ecosystems and enhances the resilience of the landscape.

At Terracrua Design, we understand that roads and tracks play a crucial role in providing cohesion and effectively subdividing the property. Our smart network of roads and pedestrian tracks is strategically designed not only for efficient access but also to serve as a water catchment tool. By directing surface runoff towards dams and ponds, we prevent erosion and soil loss, while maximizing the potential for water harvesting and storage.

At Terracrua Design, we understand the importance of creating a landscape that not only supports human activities but also promotes biodiversity and ecological balance. To achieve this, we incorporate a structural vegetation grid that mimics the natural glade phenomenon. This grid is strategically placed on hilltops, valleys, perimeters, access hedges, and green corridors to provide protection for human activities while also creating habitat for wildlife. This vegetation grid is designed to capture rain and fog, recharge aquifers, and restore water sources.

Terracrua Design’s approach to productive areas is centered around creating diverse and sustainable agricultural systems through the use of polyculture and multilayered plantations. Our productive zones are meticulously planned with simple patterns that allow for full mechanization while incorporating a variety of species and layers. This creates a thriving ecosystem that promotes biodiversity, soil health, and long-term sustainability.

At Terracrua Design, our infrastructure planning is guided by principles of efficiency and optimal effectiveness. We prioritize decentralized water management to promote efficient use of resources, protect water reserves, and reduce energy usage. This involves installing water harvesting and storage systems, and designing irrigation and drainage systems for conservation. We also aim to minimize our ecological footprint through the use of renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies to maximize energy efficiency.

At Terracrua Design, we prioritize the implementation of an extensive grazing system that promotes the rapid recovery of pastures and supports sustainable land management practices. Our approach involves the controlled passage of herds in small parcels to minimize their impact on the land while improving soil health and promoting carbon fixation. This rotational grazing system allows for better pasture quality and encourages the natural regeneration of plant species, leading to a healthier ecosystem overall.

Our design methodology is inspired and rooted in the principles of Keyline Design, Regenerative Design, Holistic Management, Deep Ecology and Permaculture.

By optimizing your land,
we can help you achieve your objectives
and create a sustainable future for your farm.

What is the Terracrua Design's P.E.A.R. system?

Terracrua Design's P.E.A.R. (PT) system stands for Agro Regenerative Structural Planning, and it is a comprehensive approach to landscape planning based on the principles of regenerative agriculture.

Our P.E.A.R. process considers the entire landscape and aims to identify and plan all necessary infrastructures to establish human activities while maintaining a deep balance with the ecological framework of each landscape or territory.

Our team draws inspiration from some of the most innovative and proven methodologies in regenerative agriculture, such as Permaculture Design, Design Key-line, Natural Agriculture, Holistic Management, and Biodynamic Agriculture, to create a unique and effective approach.

Our approach emphasizes the integration of all invisible components of the landscape, natural and artificial, into a holistic plan of ecological architecture, covering the entire landscape. We seek to leverage the natural conditions of the landscape and design interventions and adjacent infrastructure plans for maximum efficiency and low ecological, energy, and financial impact in the short, medium, and long term.

We understand that a well-planned and sequenced intervention can help streamline field implementations, shorten execution times, and optimize the use of resources.

That’s why we’re always available to help our clients materialize their ideas, plans, tables, and maps in the landscape.

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Our Services

Let us help you turn your dream of running a farm into a reality.


Our light and flexible consultancy services are designed to provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions and find solutions for any emerging issues you may encounter. We offer direction and solutions for both short-term and long-term goals.


Our planning services are elaborated and detailed based on maps and topographic surveys. We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the principles, strategies, and techniques needed to structure your farm or estate.


We offer medium to long-term services to streamline the implementation and management of your farm project. Our team is committed to ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget.

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Implementation Coordination

At Terracrua Design, we specialize in organizing and implementing planned interventions to streamline field operations.
By articulating means, resources, and manpower, we can help you save time and resources with a well-structured sequence of work.

Our goal is to assist you in realizing your ideas, plans, tables, and maps in the landscape, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.

We understand that executing a project can be complex and time-consuming, which is why we offer our expertise to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

OUR TEAM is available to collaborate with you every step of the way,
from initial consultation to final implementation.

Redefining possibilities, one landscape at a time.”


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